Make an online reservation at Queen Street Eatery HERE


  1. We recommend reservations for LUNCH and DINNER.  

  2. All reservations require confirmation 24 hours before the booking; we will endeavour to contact you via text or phone to confirm.

  3. We reserve the right to cancel unconfirmed reservations at our discretion

  4. We do NOT take bookings for BREAKFAST.

  5. Queen St Eatery is fully licensed and BYO is NOT permitted.

  6. We have a small BAR for pre or post dinner wine or cocktails and our Bar menu is available for snacking all weekend as well as Thursday and Friday afternoons. .

  7. We are a SMALL VENUE and cannot seat large groups at one table.  Our largest table seats 6, 7 at a squeeze. Please note therefore that groups over 6 or 7 will be seated at an adjacent table/s.

  8. Our outdoor tables cannot be booked, as this area is dependant on weather.  Our OUTDOOR DINING AREA closes at 10pm, and guests are asked to move inside or head home quietly so as not to disturb our sleeping neighbours.